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Inside NBP

Text from NBP Marathon Runners 2023 Article from Boston City Paper December 2022

February is Black History Month!

Educational Toys for the Blind Child in Your Life

A Million Laughs for Literacy 2021: Laura Wolk

Remembering Our Supporter and Friend, Dick Willis

The 2021 Touch of Genius Prize Winner

10 Years of GAAD and 37 Years of Technology Guides For Blind Users

Braille Across America Spotlight: Team Francis, A Founding Family's Legacy

Braille Across America Spotlight: Team H&H Go, Breaking Down Barriers

Braille Across America Spotlight: Ruben Rincon, Jr.

Happy 94th Birthday, National Braille Press

Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Tsuruda, Founder of People Making A Difference

Touching the Stars, Simplifying the Skies

February is Black History Month!

Bend For Braille an interview with Jillian Ricks

The 2021 Touch of Genius Prize Application Is Available!

Thank You All For An Incredible Gala!

Introducing Kendrick Insight

An Uplifting Evening

Freedom from My Grief

Our plan to support braille in these extraordinary times - Celebrating 93 years amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Announcing the 2020 Touch of Genius Prize Winners

Behind the Braille: An Interview with National Braille Press Proofreader, Lina Coral.

Author's Introduction: Navigating Healthcare, When All They See is That You Can't

Happy 211th Birthday, Louis Braille!

My Life as a Braille Reader.

Free Online Activities Created Especially for YOU!

All Praise to the Humble Slate and Stylus!

Writing Braille by Hand

Welcome to the new Inside NBP Blog

Explore The New NBP.org!

Getting starting with running: Insights from a blind runner.

Here's the Team NBP Boston Marathon recap.

Announcing the 2019 Touch of Genius Prize Winners

Remembering an Exceptional Volunteer

NBP's Quotation Booklets: A Valuable Teaching Tool Any Day of the Week

Happy 209th Birthday, Louis Braille!

Gala Highlights and Other Adventures: Repost from Honorary Trustee Erik Weihenmayer's blog

Braille Photo Contest Recap: Spotlight on Hadley Institute

Braille and Brew Review: How You Can Volunteer Doing What Makes You Happy

The Anatomy of a Free ReadBooks! Bag

Braille: The Ticket to Freedom and Independence

The Road from Princeton to Boston: The Princeton Braillists and an Enduring Legacy

Braille in Hotels: Accessibility Away from Home!

The Power of Great Expectations!

26.2 Miles for Braille Literacy

Children's Print/Braille Books: A Formula for Fun and Togetherness

Happy 90th Birthday, National Braille Press!

The Touch of Genius Prize: Recognizing Braille Innovation

A Lifetime of NBP Braille: From Reader to Proofreader

The Sound of Accessibility: Braille Materials and Music Festivals

Feel the Love with NBP's Valentine's Card

Six Dots: NBP's plans for the New Year

NBP Staff Thanksgivings

MVPs of NBP: Spotlight on our Volunteers

First Impressions: Why You Need Braille Business Cards

The Impact of #GivingTuesday

When Pigs Fly? A Full Page Braille Display with Real-Time Tactile Graphics

A Blind Voter’s Story

Galas Are Fun: Even Online

What We Discovered In Bringing Picture Books to Life for Blind Kids

Get with the Program — Leading the Way with Braille Programs and Agendas

Introducing the Braille Caliper at NFB

LEGO for the Blind

Seven Summer Lessons

Chronicles from the Conventions

Forty is the New Braille

The Freedom of Independent Voting

Twins In Poetry and In Braille

How a Tactile Map is Created

The Total Restaurant Experience, Thanks to a Braille Menu

How a Braille Software Company Was Born

Braille Takes Flight

Customers Are Like Family

A Volunteer's Experience at the 2015 Gala

Braille Menus Add to the Romance

Why I Love UEB: As a Braille Producer and Reader

Have Cane, Will Travel: Adventures of a Former Guide Dog User

Intoxicated by Braille

Intoxicated by Braille

Who Will I Be Without A Guide Dog?

Braille Is Sexy

A Revolutionary Tea Party: A Moment of Shared Accessibility

What Braille Readers Found Interesting in 2014

What Does a Spicy Pepper Have to Do With Social Change?

Observations WIthout Sight: Teach Your Children Well

What's in a Name?

How Braille Played a Role in My Summer Internship

Apple Keeps Us Moving Forward

Braille: More than Words

The Creative Partnership of Shirley and Irma

All Praise to the Humble Slate and Stylus!

No One Told Me Braille Was Hard, So It Wasn't

NBP’S Test Kitchen: The Search for Healthy Frozen Meals

Feeling the Power of Braille Literacy

Information Is Power

What Do Braille Readers Want?

Blind iPhone Empowerment

Filling An Empty Hollow With Braille

Be Mine, Xander

A Braille Code Etched In Barley

An App That Would Make Louis Braille Proud

Video Description Goes Mainstream

If There Were Twitter Fifty years Ago

A Matter of Perspective

Unified English Braille: Great Beginnings

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan at Halloween: Trick or Treat?

Next Stop, Fenway Park! Using Braille to Travel Independently

To Infinity and Beyond: Abe Nemeth's Legacy

Abilities Expo: It's About What You CAN Do

Ruby Bridges and Her Teacher Reunite Because of a Print-Braille Book

Braille is No Fantasy in Football

Braille Tales: How a Block of Wood Changed My Life

Homophones are Not Mistaken in Braille

Homophones are Not Mistaken in Braille

Tour Our Braille Facility and Witness a Labor of Love

Who's Leading Who? Guide Dogs, Stereotypes, and Joy

Did Louis Braille Realize His Impact on the World?

Best-sellers from the 2013 Conventions

An iPad Book Giveaway: Because We Can All Use the Help!

Fashion and Universal Design: A Timepiece for Everyone

The Culture of Blindness

The Internship - this tale is not a comedy

Celebrating Over Half a Century at NBP: A Tribute to Helen

Living Vicariously Through an iPhone Aficionado

Promoting Braille with Ducklings

A Beep Ball Story: Baseball for the Blind Brings Childhood Dream to Life

Five Things I Didn’t Know About Writing a Book

Behind the Lens

Boston Bomber Won’t Stop Us

A Passion for Poetry

Braille Behind Bars

Technology Does Not Replace Braille

Are we witnessing the demise of braille?

A Great New (Old) Idea

A Sighted Man’s Path to Braille

Braille: Still a revolutionary idea

Finding a Touch of Genius

In Her Own Way

NBP's (not so) Funny Valentine

Martin Luther King Day Tribute

UEB: Don’t let “new” scare you

A look behind the curtain...

Bringing Louis Braille's Story to Light

What $5 Can Do...