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Inside NBP

Behind the Braille: An Interview with National Braille Press Proofreader, Lina Coral.

Posted by Edie Shimel on 1/23/2020

Lina Coral at volunteering at braille reading eventJanuary is Braille Literacy Month, so we thought it'd be a perfect time to take you behind the scenes via interview with one of our Proofreaders, Lina Coral, who plays a critical role here at National Braille Press.


What do you do at NBP?

LC: I’m a Proofreader, which means I check material for braille and formatting errors. I work on books as well as standardized tests.


National Braille Press has a reputation for excellent braille production, how do Proofreaders contribute to this reputation?

LC: Our Proofreading Department reviews around 70,000 pages a year. With the most rigorous quality control process in our entire operation, each page goes through multiple checks to ensure all corrections and edits have been implemented.

Hands proofing tactile graphicFor more complex materials like tactile diagrams in textbooks, we also require several reviews with different proofreaders, to ensure we have captured enough information to reach readers of many skill levels.

What are some of your favorite parts of your job?

LC: Staying current on new developments in braille as well as learning new technology that we use for the job. I also really enjoy working with everyone at NBP.

When did you start learning braille?

LC: I started learning braille at age 5. I remember it being difficult at first, but it quickly became something I really enjoyed.

As a child, you were a member of our Children’s Braille Book Club, what was your favorite book?

LC: Froggy’s First Kiss. I liked it because there was a character named Frogelina.

Outside of NBP, what are your interests/hobbies?

LC: I am working on a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling degree. My hobbies include playing with my dog, running, and of course, reading!

Thanks Lina! To learn more about our braille production process, take a virtual tour of National Braille Press.


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