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Freedom from My Grief

Posted by Edie Shimel on 3/31/2020

Purple flowers sprouting from a grassy lawn with sunlight shining through.

Freedom From My Grief by Dena Polston is this year's braille poetry contest winner in the adult category.  The first contest she's ever entered,  Polston has been writing poetry for almost 20 years, and has been reading braille since kindegarten.

Freedom From My Grief

by Dena Polston

I am drowning in grief

Times like this

Our life on Earth is brief

I need freedom from my grief

The journey is unending

Upon my knees unbending

My broken heart needs mending

I need freedom from my grief

That voice that held

That smile

Together we’ve walked the miles

I thought we had a while

I want freedom from my grief

There have been many ups and downs

My mind’s gone round and round

Peace in this journey I’ve finally found

I now have freedom from my grief.


 For more information about our annual braille poetry contest and to read all of the winning poems visit our Braille Poetry Contest Page.


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